Pictures from WWII south Pacific-Isle of l'Ile Nou-Noumea, New Caledonia-1943/44

Pictures from the scrapbook of CMM Anthony J. "Tony" Drongowski.

Taken when he served on the Isle of l'Ile Nou-Noumea, New Caledonia-1943/44
Contributed by his son, Robert Drongowski.

Anthony Drongowski is standing at far right with bottle in hand. To his immediate right (also standing) is Mr. Stark (Covington, KY); Mr. William Stiller is in front of my dad (Anthony Droongowski) and is the sailor who identified these other personnel. Next to Mr. Stiller (front row) is Mr. Lucas from Ohio. Mr. Stiller informs me they called him Ears. In the middle, front row is Mr. Mack (Chicago, IL, the 2nd person to Mr. Stillers right). Above Mr. Mack, standing, is Mr. Bonnum (California). At the far left of the picture front row with white sailor cap is Mr. Harry Zeller.

Tait, Hack and Ray (Ray Nastally). in front of Radio City

Island picture with A.J. Drongowski on the right

Security dog with one of the men

A.J. Drongowski, on the beach on the island

Anthony is the one on top

Sailboat used to sail around the Island.

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The ship repair facility on the Isle of l'Ile Nou.
Taken from the top of the old Tereka Fort where they were some old guns
protecting the entrance to the channel. The old fort is still there.

2 Views of a model of a P-38 made by Anthony while serving on the island.

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